Toro Triplex Brush Attachment
For Toro Triplex Models 3100, 3150, 3300, 3400
(US Patent No. 7,069,711 )
Total Weight: 70 lbs - Brushing Head: 30 lbs - Brush: 10 lbs

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The Brush Attachment for the Toro Triplex

Step #1 Attach pusher pivot arm to
crossbar on foot platform with clamp

Step #2 Bolt brush plate to pivot arm

Step #3 Bolt manual lift bracket assembly
to front of triplex/3150 offset hydraulic lines

Step #4 Bolt lift arms to bucket bar/
note bolts go in the up position

Step #5 Bolt the end of the pusher bar
to manual lift handle/

Note chain goes on the bottom side

Step #6 Bolt lift arm chains
to end of brush plate/
adjust to desired lifting height

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